The ‘Real State of Things’: Profile on Padraig O’Brien & Give N’ Go Hoops


We are back!  Things this year have been moving very quickly in the world of Real Estate.  Austin is busy finding loans for people and I have been helping buyers and sellers but we made a commitment not to abandon something that we started a year ago.

We thoroughly enjoy meeting people in our community who are doing great things in business or in who they are and what they contribute.

We are resuming this commitment with Padraig O’Brien of “GiveN’Go Hoops”.  Padraig is an incredibly gifted and passionate basketball coach.  He’s played a vital role in many young athletes’ ascent to greater things.  We have discussed including him in one of our features and now is the time.

Take a few minutes to meet the man behind this amazing program and what his mission is as it relates to kids and helping them accomplish their goals…you may just want to reach out to him for your own son or daughter!


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Austin and I invested a lot of time speaking to buyers and sellers trying to ascertain which process of buying/ selling can be the most stressful.  An overwhelming majority of people stated that:

‘Moving can be the most challenging aspect of their new home experience’

We decided to create a program that would allow us to make a contribution to the process, in a way that provides a heightened experience with some monetary assistance and...our new program was born.

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