Market Update and the TRUTH behind the A.R.M (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)


Since the beginning of 2017, there has been a slight increase in rates but certainly nothing to the scale that ‘experts’ were suggesting…at least not yet!

The top two questions I am asked are:

  1. How’s the market doing?
  2. Is this a good time to sell/buy?

In my opinion, the best time to buy is when you are most ready to find a home.  You cannot allow the market to dictate that, things will always fluctuate so it is unwise to ‘hedge your bets’ in such a scenario.

What is a good idea is to be well informed as to the loan programs available.  What YOU qualify for, and create an action plan based on the needs and desires of your purchase.

In this week’s video, Austin gives us a clear and concise guide on finding the best loan program…and a very clear explanation on the Adjustable Rate Loan (ARM) program. These were extremely popular before the market decline in 2007.

They are making a strong ‘come back’ and have a tremendous amount of value, if you are using it under the right circumstances.

Check out this video and as always, we hope you find this information helpful.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Austin and I invested a lot of time speaking to buyers and sellers trying to ascertain which process of buying/ selling can be the most stressful.  An overwhelming majority of people stated that:

‘Moving can be the most challenging aspect of their new home experience’

We decided to create a program that would allow us to make a contribution to the process, in a way that provides a heightened experience with some monetary assistance and...our new program was born.

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