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BRG is founded on the principle of an all-inclusive Real Estate Company. We will provide you with direct access to all vendors and professionals you will be working with throughout your home buying or selling experience.

We have established sound working relationships with Mortgage Brokers, Home Inspectors, Contractors/Handymen and even moving companies to provide you with a seamless experience in the purchase or sale of your home.

The extreme changes during the housing ‘melt down’ brought to light the need for compassionate and accurate guidance. The company’s founder, Michael W. Brown, experienced firsthand how this affected his clients.  More importantly, it solidified the most important aspect of being a realtor…SERVICE.


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We live in an era which requires quality of information in a manner which is easily accessible.  ‘My Channel’ provides access to video updates on what is happening ‘real time’ in the local Phoenix market.  It encompasses new listings to market, sold properties, interviews with vendors and “The Real State of Things” which highlights local businesses and individuals who are doing great things in our local community.


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Austin and I invested a lot of time speaking to buyers and sellers trying to ascertain which process of buying/ selling can be the most stressful.  An overwhelming majority of people stated that:

‘Moving can be the most challenging aspect of their new home experience’

We decided to create a program that would allow us to make a contribution to the process, in a way that provides a heightened experience with some monetary assistance and...our new program was born.

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